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Related article: Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 22:37:40 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: african farm (interacail)The boy was no older than 7 and as he wandered into the dairy he heard the sound of two african men talking in their native language which was Zulu. Preteen Models Nude The boy had grown up on a dairy farm in South Africa and was a favourite with the big black men who were employed as labourers and being the boss's son he was given full reign to do as he pleased and he took full advantage of it. Because of the heat in South Africa nearly all the black men wore baggy khaki shorts and rubber boots that covered their calves (to protect themselves from snake bites) and usually T. shirts. The two men in the dairy were Simon and John, they had been assigned the task of hosing down the dairy and were just finishing up, the dairy herd had been turned out to pasture and the rest of the men who had been milking were scattered across the farm on various tasks. The farmyard was deserted and the little white boy was bored and his he made his way over to the two men in a milking stall they turned with big smiles and greeted him warmly, "Yebo nKosan." Which means hello young master, the boy returned the greetings as he almost fluent in Zulu. The boy enquired what the men were up to and they explained they were finished hosing and were now going to shower. The bathroom was off the dairy and was there by law for hygienic purposes, the men moved into the bathroom and began undessing with no inhibitions about exposing themselves to the boy as he had seen them naked many a morning when he and his father arrived at the dairy and men were busy showering before entering the dairy to milk at 4 o'clock in the morning. The boy often stood in the doorway and watched the big black men drying and dressing themselves and the men thought nothing of it as they laughed and teased each other. Today the boy watched in fascination as Simon the bigger built of the two men stripped, he stood 6 ft. 2 '' and his burly frame was muscular from manual labour, he was very dark in complexion with the typical african features, broad forehead, large flat nose and big almond shaped eyes with thick full lips. A bull neck that ran into huge shoulders, big chest that tapered to hips and long thick muscular legs, is chest was covered in crisp curly black hair that tapered to his groin and bushy pubic hair that crowned a pendulous ebony cock that although flaccid hung a good thick 6 1/2 '' and nestled on a big scrotum. John was not as tall, standing 5 ft. 10 inches, his complexion was lighter almost like coffee with a dash of milk and his features were slightly sharper with a tapering neck that ran into muscular shoulders, chest and narrow hips with long muscular legs. His body was smooth with just a bush of crispy black pubic hair that arched over a slightly thinner brown cock that hung 4 '' flaccid and nestled on a pair of low hanging balls. The men chatted and laughed when suddenly unseen by either of them the boy had approached and Simon suddenly felt a hand clasp his cock. He cried out in surprise and both black men looked down. The boy was unperturbed at the sudden silence as he studied the thick black cock in his hand. "What are you doing, little master?" Queried the big burly man as he made to grasp the boy's hand. "No! Leave him, let us see what he wants!" Cautioned John who felt his cock twitch and begin to thicken. "But this could be dangerous, what if the father was to appear?" Answered Simon worriedly. "The boy is curious as we were at his age, besides I heard his father telling some men he was going to town for the day, in fact he asked Daniel to watch over the boy but I think Daniel has gone courting the new young women in the laundry and won't be around for some time." Smiled John as he squeezed his cock, watching the boy closely. This conversation had been whispered in Zulu and as the boy lifted the pendulous cock of the big burly man smiled down at him fondly, the Zulu nation have an ingrained love of children and both men were very fond of this little white boy. "You have a very big wee wee!" Said the boy as he handled the thickening black cock, "will mine get big like this?" He asked in English. "Yes! When you are big yours will grow big and you will have many girlfriends and many children." Answered Simon as his cock twitched and lengthened. "Mine gets very hard and sticks out straight, does yours?" Asked the boy. "Yes, it gets very big if Preteen Models Nude you keep touching it like this!" Explained the Preteen Models Nude big burly man as he demonstrated a wanking motion. He was getting turned on by the small white hands drawing his forskin back. His big black mushroom cock-head became exposed and began to flare.Thickening as blood rushed through the extending sharft. The boy wanked the thickening cock with both Preteen Models Nude hands as he watched with big blue eyes. Simon's cock was soon a hard throbbing thick 9 '' and still the boy wanked the thick sharft slowly, drawing the loose skin back until taunt then back and rolling the forskin over the mushroom head. Simon reached down and taking the boy's hands gently in his huge black ones he speeded up the wanking motion until the boy was wanking his huge throbbing the cock in a steady long stroking rhythm. The big burly black man groaned and thrust his hips forwards and a clear drop of precum appeared at the puffy slit of the black cock-head. The boy leaned forwards about breaking rhythm and sniffed at the drop of precum and almost instinctively his little pink tongue slowly emerged and quickly lapped the shining liquid. Simon moaned out loud as his cock jerked and blood surged into the sharft thickening the already thick cock and turning it into a velvety steel rod. The little boy then savoured the precum, tasting it and without warning he began licking the huge swollen black mushroom cock-head, seeking more precum and impatiently sticking his little pink tongue into the puffy slit to obtain more of what ever he had encountered. Simon's body shuddered at the pleasure and sight the little white boy was presenting. John meanwhile was urgently wanking his 8" cock, the sight of the little white boy with his hands wrapped around the huge throbbing ebony cock and licking the huge black cock like a lollipop was the most sexual sight he had ever witnessed in all his 25 years. Had often jerked off with his friends as a youngster and had even sucked a few and been sucked but the little white boy had his cock rock hard and leaking precum like a faucet. He squeezed his nipple and smeared precum around the length of his cock as he groaned quietly, careful not to distract the boy. "How does it feel?" Whispered John to Simon in Zulu. "Wonderful! This little man's hands are softer than a virgin's and his tongue is soft and warm like nothing I've ever felt before." Answered the big burly black man as he gently thrust his throbbing cock between the little white boy's hands. Simon felt the familiar tightening as his big balls pulled up against the throbbing sharft and as the feeling grew he wanted to stop but had no control, he knew he was going to cum, yet he couldn't stop himself. It was as though the little white boy was totally in control. He instinctively wanked the huge throbbing black cock and licked the huge mushroom cock-head, concentrating on the puffy slit that emitted a constant flow of precum. "AAAIIIEEE!MY SEED IS BUILDING!AAIIEE! Cried the burly black man as his body jerked and his hips thrust forwards. "UUUNNGGHHH!UNGH!AAAH!AAAHHHG!Groaned Simon as cum exploded in strong jets from his massive throbbing black cock. The first thick warm jet of cum flooded the boy's mouth and before he could swallow or close his mouth the second jet erupted and his little mouth overflowed and cum ran down his chin, the third hit his forehead and Simon quickly snatched his erupting cock and wanked himself hard and fast as he climax peaked and he sprayed cum over the boy's neck and chest. As his shuddering body slowed and he regained control John stepped forwards and smiling at the little white boy drenched in cum he offered his throbbing coffee brown cock. The boy needed no second bidding and reaching for John's rock hard cock he began wanking with a little more experience and a lot more confidence. John thrust his hips forwards, giving the boy free access and as the boy wanked and licked his steely velvet rod he reached for his scrotum gently squeezing and massaging himself he groaned in ecstasy. The boy worked diligently on the brown cock and the man began gently tugging on his balls, urging his climax to peak. "AAH!LITTLE BROTHER CATCH MY SEED!AAGGH!AAYYEEII!AAH!UNG!UUUNNGGHHH! Cried John as his body snapped double then jerked upright and his hips thrust forwards. Cum showered the little white boy, drenching his hair, face and chest. Once the men had regained their self control, they quickly explained to the boy that want had just happened was their secret and he must promise never to tell anyone. The little boy smiled innocently and asked in a mischievous voice when could they do this again. The two black man assured him that they would and began undessing the boy, telling him he must shower the man seed from his hair and body. Once naked Simon picked the boy up and carried him into the communal shower, turning on the water and adjusting the temperature he stepped into the water and began soaping the little white boy, whose tiny 3" cock jerked rigid. "Simon, lick me!" Pleaded the boy as he fondled himself. The big burly black black man lifted the child until his thick brown lips engulfed the rigid penis and he sucked. The boy wiggled and jerked spasmodically as he dry climaxed. Simon and John's cocks responded automatically and as Simon lowered the boy John stepped forwards and as the boy straddled Simon's huge thick throbbing black cock,John thrust his cock between the boy's thighs next to Simon's cock and together the two men thrust building a rhythm and stimulating each other's cocks while the boy clamped his thighs tightly, trapping the two thrusting cocks and heightening the friction. The two men looked deeply into each other's eyes as they strived to reach their climaxes. They groaned and moaned as held the boy between them and together they began cumming, spraying each other with jets of hot cum. They finished their orgasms and cleaned and dressed themselves and the boy, promising him that they would play with him began very soon.
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